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The package arrived at our post office on Saturday, May 16. Everything arrived in good condition and our order is complete.
Thank you, sincerely Mary J

Many thanks for sending my order I received today. I am very pleased with your very efficient service and for the excellent products that you have supplied.
Thank you again, best regards,

I’m so very pleased that I found your shop I’ve already recommended you to my best friend and so it begins from friend to friend. My next order i will need tiles for my house plants it just may turn my house plant population in a positive direction. Thank you very much.

Sincerely. Andrea

I just got the harmonizers in the mail. Thank you for such fast service :) I used them in the recommended way, which is really good advice on meditation method. I have found that when I put the black one in my left pants pocket, and the grey one in my right pants pocket, the beneficial influence on me is astounding! This produces a continuous elevation feeling. Every person should have a pair of these to counteract the electromagntic bombardments each person is subjected to by the cell phone towers, and to keep their mood in comfort.

I highly recommend doing business with this company!

Ordering from Russia, I was concerned how it would all work out....
I was so pleased with the results!

I received my order in perfect condition and the quality of the shungite was beautiful.

While I was waiting, I had some questions about the use of shungite and receive prompt and detailed answers. Don't hesitate to buy from them.

I just wanted to let you know that i received my package today!
I much appreciate the efforts / customer service you provided in relieving any doubts i may have had.
I look forward to purchasing another order very soon.
thanks in advance

I received my order of the two noble elite shungite rocks today. I am very pleased with them - they are amazing! Thank you for making these unique Earth treasures of Russia available to me all the way over here in Hawaii.

I just got the package. I had a piece of "Shungite" from a shop in NYC but I felt nothing from it. But wow the Shungite I have received from you is very powerful. Thank you.