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What is Shungite,

is a rock that has lots of carbon properties possibly caused by the intense burning, among other properties that absorb negative aspects of radiation, as well as other types of negative things that our bodies can not repel easily, and sometimes not at all.

It’s a stone with a great amount of carbon chemical factor than the earth’s strongest carbon, yet it’s only found in selective places of the earth: Russia. It’s been found in other regions in a scattered circle but all centering in the closest concentration to pure Shungite, is an area of the Karelian territory of North West Russia. The biggest concentration of pure Shungite edges on the North East edges of Lake Onega in Zazhoginsky mine. Our shungite is being mined there.

The fact that Shungite contains a matrix of different minerals is common and consistent with other mineral stones, however the complex matrix of fullerenes, or carbons in it is not common. The effects have shown amazing results due to it’s overwhelming ability to destroy harmful elements that the human body has been exposed to.

Shungite in general is anything but common as a mineral, or stone because of its properties. The amounts of carbon released from Shungite can eliminate viruses, increase vitality, libido, concentration, and heal many skin problems.

Well, about Shungite being a God gift, no one really knows. Many accept it as simply being part of the earth, but the fact that Shungite is only found in certain parts of the earth does raise questions to even the least inquisitive scientist. Shungite has been studied by some of the best scientists in Russia, each finding the same results.

It’s undeniably effective elements do help the human body. It’s been called “The medicine of the 21st century" by some because of the perfect bioelectromagnetic frequency that would reverse different counter frequencies that cause negativity on the body.

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